Hello and welcome

People come to counselling for many different reasons and often they feel daunted or perhaps anxious, uncomfortable or vulnerable. It can feel like a big step into the unknown. My role is to create a safe, welcoming space in which you feel secure, supported and able to talk about the things that are troubling you.

I am an experienced, BACP-registered counsellor based in the heart of Balham. Technically, I am an ‘integrative’ counsellor; what this means in practice is that for me there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to counselling. Although the basis of my work is person-centred, I also draw upon my knowledge of a range of counselling models – CBT, Gestalt, psychodynamic, mindfulness, transactional analysis – to tailor my counselling approach to your particular needs and circumstances.

Whether you need short-term support through a crisis or longer-term therapy to deal with a deep-seated issue, I am here to take that journey by your side. However, you don’t need to be in, or on the verge of, a crisis before having therapy. You might simply be feeling dissatisfied with life in general or seeking balance in your life. Whatever the issue, we can work to get to the heart of the matter and uncover what you now need.

Together we can explore the messages you have learned about yourself from your life experiences and examine which are helpful and which are now standing in your way. From this you can move into a deeper understanding of who you are, why you are who you are, and who you can become.

I have a particular interest in working with new parents: exploring how their childhood experience of being parented is having an impact on their reactions to becoming parents themselves.

Counselling sessions

The majority of my work is done on an open-ended basis. However it is always your decision how many sessions you choose to have, and this is something that we can discuss during your first session and review over the course of your counselling.

I offer a free initial phone call of about 15 to 20 minutes, so that you can ask me any questions and get a feel for whether I am someone that you would be comfortable talking to.

Sessions are 50 minutes long and take place weekly, although I occasionally have availability for fortnightly sessions. I can see you either during the day or in the evening. The fee for a daytime session is £60; an evening session is £65 (£70 for an 8 pm slot).


Your options are:

  • Face to face in Balham – 4 minutes from Balham station – subject to COVID guidance
  • Online, using either Zoom or Skype

The price is the same for either option and payment can be made by banking app.

Siobhan is a very kind therapist; she gave me space to explore my own thoughts under no pressure yet wasn’t afraid to challenge me when I was stuck down a rabbit hole or repeating habitual behaviours. She is also insightful; able to make connections between current issues and past experiences, pointing out patterns that would have been impossible for me to see alone. My work with Siobhan has given me a better understanding of who I am today, and the courage to try and change some of my self-sabotaging behaviours.